Our team of executive chefs will help you create great-tasting products that are perfect for your customers, and unique to you.
Overhill Farms, Inc. Overhill Farms, Inc.

Overhill Farms maintains a dedicated team of six culinary-trained senior chefs and a supporting technical staff. They have the skills to develop virtually any entrée, meal, soup or sauce that our customers may need.

The cumulative decades of experience of our R&D team gives them a specialized understanding of the challenging task of translating a fresh-cooked menu item into a product that can be successfully manufactured, packaged, frozen and, when reheated and served, delivers the flavor, taste and plate appeal of a kitchen-prepared meal.

Equally important, our chefs know how to accomplish this while meeting a client's cost target.

Overhill Farms, Inc.
Our research team creates frozen meals that deliver fresh-cooked taste, flavor and plate appeal. OFI images OFI images